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Wine…the Affordable Luxury?

Today, Tom Wark posted in his well-regarded blog ‘Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog’ that ‘it’s going to get very, very ugly’ for the wine business.  He warns that anyone in the industry needs to ‘get your house in order.’


This is good advice…but duh, for every industry — not just wine (no offense, Tom).  However, to take a slightly more positive spin on Tom’s very gloomy prediction, after almost 30 years in this business, my experience is that people don’t really stop drinking wine during economic downturns.  True, they (we!) all cut back – but we still enjoy wine. broken-wine-bottle

I maintain it is one of our few affordable luxuries.

We are all ducking & covering just a bit.  Certainly we aren’t getting that new car we planned on.  My 2001 Honda Accord with 212,000 miles can easily go another year or two (before I recycle it to my daughter).  That trip to Hawaii is out.  New kitchen — yeah right.

But take away my wine?  Not a chance.  You can beat me, but you can’t break me. 

I am, however, taking Tom’s advice to heart.  Instead of sitting around waiting for the economy to recover, this is the time to work harder AND smarter.  The good ones will take this as an opportunity to break through.  But I won’t stop drinking charitably!  Anyone with me on this?


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  1. Ward Kadel wrote:

    Great post Judd. I still need to check out Tom’s post to which you referred. While I don’t have *nearly* as much wine experience as you do, I do agree with what you have to say. I think that while volume may dip slightly or not at all, the price points of that sales volume will change with a shift to less expensive wines. We’ll see!

    Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 11:59 pm | Permalink

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